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We study the processes shaping tropical and temperate forest communities at local, regional, and global scales.

Paper Highlight

We previously found that locally rare species suffer stronger conspecific density-dependent seedling mortality compared to more common species in the Barro Colorado Island (Panama) forest (Comita et al. 2010, Science).  Thanks to a collaborative grant from NSF, we may now know why!  Check our our new results that link data on diversity of pathogen resistance genes, plant-soil feedbacks, and negative density dependence of tropical tree species. Full text is available here.


A new publication on distance-dependent seedling mortality in the BCI forest, led by PhD student Stephen Murphy, is out in Ecology Letters.
The Comita Lab welcomes two new postdocs: Dr. Simon Stump and Dr. María Natalia Umaña.
New paper published by PhD student, Meghna Krishnadas, on environmental gradients and tropical tree assemblages in the Western Ghats region of southern India. Full text is ...
Liza wins the Yale Postdoctoral Mentoring Prize for work with Women in Science at Yale.
Congratulations to Jenalle Eck on receiving her PhD and starting a new postdoc at the University of Helsinki!